• Jeanette Ward

Voting: why it matters most this year

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

The 2020 election cycle is critical. Not only do we have an opportunity to vote for President but we will also insure that his policies of higher wages, low unemployment, more job creation, and a booming economy will continue. The problem of course it that the current Legislature has failed to follow the rest of the country into that prosperity. That's why I'm running for State Senate. We can't depend on the current Legislators to get the job done. They have failed and now people are leaving our state to find better jobs and higher wages. This out-migration may cause Illinois to lose Congressional seats and others states pick them up. With policies of lower taxes and less regulation, I want to make sure that we have enough citizens left living in our state to insure Representation at the national level.

The 2020 election is also critical in setting the tone for the next 10 years in our state and our country. Reapportionment can determine whether the Legislative Districts are gerrymandered continuing the same voting patterns that have given us failure or if we will kick the failed regime out and set a different course of fairly drawn districts that represent the majority of citizens that live within those districts. I need your help at this critical time in Illinois history.

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