• Jeanette Ward

We more than matched our Goal and qualified to run! Thank you for helping me circulate petitions!

We collected more that 2000 signatures and filed for Senate 25 before the deadline. Our qualification numbers were a greater achievement than either of the opponents in this race. This is the result of teamwork and I am very grateful to have you on our team. It is also the beginning of the greater test of our persistence, endurance and commitment to honest, Constitutional government in Illinois.

Please ask your friends to join our team. If they live in or around District 25, we need their volunteer hours. There is much to do from mailings to walking door-to-door, to speaking at local events. To volunteer contact me through the website e-mail to calling or texting (630) 294-5927.or mail to Jeanette for Senate 25, PO Box 8055, Bartlett, IL 60103.

Volunteer hours mean we have to collect less money for the win. But money is essential for a successful campaign to purchase hand-outs, yard signs, mailings, and commercials. friends live outside the area please ask them to donate $5, $10, $50 or more - whatever they can afford. Because District 25 is a hotly contested seat, the opposition is planning to spend millions to defeat us. Please make a donation today by sending a check to “Jeanette for Senate 25”, PO Box 8055, Bartlett, IL 60103 or by clicking on the green "DONATE" button .

Those who love Illinois and America, unite! Let's get this done.

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Jeanette for Senate 25

PO Box 8055

Bartlett, IL 60103

Paid for by Jeanette for Senate 25